Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Just Have To Post On The Last Day of 2013

Hi guys!
Yes, it's the New Year's Eve!
Everyone is out for celebrations while the inactive me facing my laptop cracking my head for some ideas to execute a blog post.

And the big bro WhatsApp me.

hmmm.. what to blog ah?

Let's start with Form 6.

1. Attending the all-boys school, SMI.

A place with minimal number of girls. Honestly, I am very shy. I take time to be warm with people that I merely know. I couldn't randomly strike up a conversation to befriend with people, especially to the opposite sex. And I know this is not a good thing.
For the past few years, the males that are in close proximity with me are non other than my papa and brothers, and maybe my school male teachers. hahaha.
And these are some awkward moments that I encountered in SMI :
- A guy came up to me. As usual - introduction first, followed by handshake.
- They called me by my name when I pass by their class

2. I offended guys for the first time.

okie. me is going out!
 Enjoy the last moment of the year 2013!
To be continued!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hi all. How's your weekend going so far? As for me, I'll be at home. Last week was quite hectic and tiring. Stayed back in school almost everyday as the extra curriculum has started and the Sports' Day is drawing nearer.

I'm bored. the weather is extremely hot. Not just out there, even in the house I could feel the heat too, thus giving zero thought of wasting the electricity and switch on the air-condition immediately. The 'awesome' weather makes my every-day-life so miserable, living everyday with my hands and legs so sweaty. I can't stand it anymore, seriously. I feel so helpless in my school everyday, I can't handle all paper works properly and not able to write like a normal person. The insufficient number of fans in the classroom of SMI definitly worsen everything. Back then, I have no issue with my illness as INTI has air-conditions everywhere.

Okay, I will stop my dissatisfaction / criticism / grieve / annoyance here.
More to come. LOL

And right now I have the urge to update something on my blog, which is something very backdated. It befell on the days before the intake of From 6 in SMI.
Belle, Jun, Lynn and I had Sushi Zanmai's @ Sunway Pyramid.
Here's the food that we had.

Darling mouthwatering Japanese cuisine.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

INTI and I

Hi all.
Five months ago, the yellow-colored boxes of dates on the calender have not been my interest because college/university students have their own timetable and holidays.
But now, I am back to my habit of flipping through every month of the calendar to see when will I be having my break, as a result of turning into a sixth form student.

Most of the people asked why. Why do I leave INTI. 

The place I woke up sluggishly every morning
The place where the picturesque out of my window is what I see at first sight every morning.
The place where room keys are crucial.
The place where bringing pails into the toilet is a must.
The place where I walked to class and examination hall with casual wear.
The place where I eat and play in air-conditioned classroom besides study.
The place where I spent most of the time with friends.
The place where I manage the money in my pocket.
The place where I meet all rich rich people with the most expensive cars and gadgets. lol

I know I know, enough with 'the place' right? you must be annoyed! haha!
but please allow me to write another, it's the place where I get over being camera shy..

Seriously, I never thought of leaving. Not until papa and mama initiate me to do Form six. The almighty money is the fundamental cause as both my sisters are studying abroad. So I opted Form Six to lessen my papa's burden. Good girl huh? haha

I have no issue regarding everything about Form Six except one thing, Pengajian Am the BM subject. I never liked BM. The day before Form Six start, the silly me actually dug every corner to retrieve all my BM materials from high school. The cool thing is I managed to find some of it but not all, even though I had put them in the recycle box 5 months ago! Feeling grateful.

Well, I had a whale of a time in INTI and will never forget that I was once an INTIan.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fireworks @ Putrajaya

Everybody's eyes were bright and brilliant with excitement.
The tip of their fingers glued to the button located on top of their cameras,
anticipating the colorful sparkles in the air
and all well-prepared to click, click and click when the fireworks show begins
to freeze them in time to make a beautiful picture.

It was the 5th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2013!
Got my hands shooting fireworks for the first time,
big thanks to Ken!

Jambatan Seri Wawasan :

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Trip to Seremban from INTI IU

I always enjoy going to people's house.
So when my classmate, Ooi Syuen invited me to go back to Seremban with her,
I did not hesitate and the word, "Yes!" slipped off my mouth.
I'm so ebullient to finally get to visit and overnight at a friend's place.
My last slept over at friend's place was during my primary school.
That was like donkey's years ago? hahaha!

The next day before we headed back to INTI, her mama brought us to Restoran Yi Poh.
 And this is what I had. YUMMY!

Aunty Ooi bought me some other food too!

So far, I went there twice already.
Thank you for your warm welcome,
and not forgetting the home-cooked food by Aunty Ooi,
simple yet delicious.

Thank you!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Qing Ming Festival @ Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple Ipoh

Qing Ming Festival is when Chinese people visit the graves or burial grounds of their ancestors.
But instead, my family and I visit Sam Poh Tong, a temple located in Ipoh, where my grandparents' ashes were placed.

Sam Poh Tong is Ipoh's most recognizable cave temple,
nestled between the limestone hills of Gunung Rapat quite near Jalan Gopeng road.
Its name means 'Cave of Triple Gems', in reference to a core Buddhist meditation technique.

My papa, mama brother and I arrive here early in the morning.
The sun has not rise, senior citizen gets ready to make some money.

A tiled bridge built purely for aesthetic purposes leads to the cave temple and garden from the entrance.
In the middle of the picture, you can merely see an ancient gate right?
It's engraved with traditional Chinese arches and dragon motifs.
And that's the entrance into Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple. =)

This blue building is where the ashes are kept.
Usually, the whole place will be very smoky on Qing Ming Festival.
We escaped it because we went there before the actual day.
 If not, my eyes will be burning and hands will be sweating like water pipe!

Papa buys vegetarian food that my grandparents love and offer some tea, wine and flowers.

Mama says that we 'invite' the 'neighbors' by burning the joss sticks
and place them in every rectangle-shaped compartment.

Then, we head over to the area called - Burning For The Dead Only.
Traditionally, people  'send' things to their ancestors by burning.

Well, I think that's all. It's not a very detailed post about my Qing Ming Festival.
But if you are interested, you can visit kenwooi.com 's Qing Ming Festival,
which is quite similar to mine! =)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My SPM Result 2012

Received my SPM result on a gloriously clear and sunny morning after lunch. There were not much students there as I was late. Ecstatic to meet them back and chatted, even tough it was just a few minutes.
Thanks for waiting me to arrive.

School magazine of year 2012.

My SPM result of year 2012.
The printed A- infuse my contentment with an edge of despair.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Perak Chinese Physician Association Dinner

 My opportunity to eat in fancy restaurants has lessen
compared to last time since I went to Inti IU.

So this will be my first dinner in Year2013.
Attended Perak Chinese Physician Association's annual dinner!


Managed to capture some of the food only
due to the impatience of my table-mate,
picking up their chopsticks the moment the cuisine settle on the table
and the beauty of the food was destroyed the next second as I stared.
Mama and I

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Absolutely Independent

Hello! Greetings from my home, Ipoh!
Watching tv show with my favorite chocolate brand - Lindt in my hand.

You must be wondering what do I mean by absolutely independent.
Before your curiosity grows, let me tell you something significant,

I came back all the way from Inti, Nilai to Ipoh all by myself with public transport!

Haha. Maybe it's a child's play for you,
but it's a no-no for me, for my first time.
So please forgive the novice me
that I have to jot this down in my little Simple Life to remember The Day(15.03.13).

Okay, thinking about it makes me laugh.
I'm independent for only 6 hours
which I have spent in Inti bus stop, Nilai KTM station, KL Central, the bus and the train I sat.
I have not posted picture of my room yet, right?
So, here you go!
My room before I left for my 1 week mid-term break
(Assignment week + receiving SPM result week).

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My weekend in INTI IU

Here I am, lying on my bed with the iPad in my hand,
updating Simple Life after weeks of silence and watching over a bee-like-insect,
whom trying to penetrate into my mosquito netting.
Please leave me alone, doink. I hate insects!

Basically, I stayed in my room the whole day besides going to the toilet and to refill my water bottle.
This certainly is not a healthy life style, I guess. 

However, being alone in the room gives me the urge to study.
But my mind is consumed by the absence of food all the time,
thus making the quality of my work suffered.

I think I must cut down the hours I spent on social networking. 
Ah, not think, it's a MUST!
Starts from tomorrow. 

The thought of not doing well in my A-level hurts me. And scared me.
Now, let's marvel at what I did or what I had for the pass few days. =)

I played badminton, sweat welled up like a kitchen tap.
Felt extremely good!!

Went to Giant by Inti bus. 
Had Nando's Chicken Wrap + coleslaw.  

Fried dry wan tan in Inti's Bakery.

MCD time.
Indulged in chicken burger+french fries.
Took this picture from friend. Me is the one in pink! =)

Oh yes! Thinking of a best buy with this RM250 book voucher in my hand.
Till my next post. Have a great day.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Smiling Buddha @ Kek Look Tong Cave Temple

Actually I'm on could nine when my papa offered to bring us out on CNY day 3.
Be it a cave, a temple, or even the most dirtiest and ugliest place on earth.
I would be glad to be able to follow.
Because the chances are so rare!
unless if I'm lazy then I would rather stay home. hehe.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 #day2

In the morning, mama prepared breakfast.
yum yum!

Lighted up a firecracker before we headed to Taiping.
It was LOUD.
and my ears drummed hyper-actively.

Lunched with mama's family.
And did lou sang.

Ate and talked and took pictures.
This is my only grandparent, my AH MA! =D

Visit. Visit. Visit.
A must-do-thing in order to collect ang paus!
that makes you a bit more richer!
or even fatter! haha!

Played with my camera and took this ugly manual shot during our journey back to Ipoh.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 #day1

I think Chinese New Year is all about food and red packets.
My mama kept preparing food for us to eat on the table.
And this is called reunion, right?
On usual day, the dinning hall table is not used until CNY.

Misua signifies long life in Chinese culture.
Had a herbal soup Misua for breakfast.


All food is prepared by my mama!
Eat out side sure very expensive. 
It can cost you up to the price of a gold elephant!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year Eve 2013

Hi everybody!
I'm back from Inti International University, Nilai to celebrate the once-a-year Chinese New Year with my family in Ipoh!
Well, not exactly family because both my sisters are not here in Malaysia!
but never mind, haha!


Here's my home-cooked reunion lunch prepared by my mama!

Besides, I cleaned all my hamsters' cages.
4 cages, to be exact.

And bathed my Teddybaby, the only dog in my house right now.
May May is hospitalized and taken care by a veterinarian.
She is not so well as she is getting older. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

My First Thaipusam

On the 27th of January 2013, I managed to witness this happening yet incredible event here in my hometown in Ipoh! What event it is? It's Thaipusam - the divine Hindu celebration!
When I was on my way to the Ipoh town, I saw pilgrims carrying heavy Kavadis, walking along the street on their way to the temple. After parking the car, I walked to the temple. Small stores were set up and many devotees offer free drinks (milk tea, white coffee, water etc) and food along the road.
The large crowds in the temple were overwhelming. All the Kavadis came back to the temple one at a time after parading the town. Drums were pounding, whistles blowing, men and women cheering, singing and chanting prayers while tourists whispered to one another in awe. The sheer size and weight of the kavadis made the scene impressive enough, but that is not the only hardship the carrier would endure that day. They were suffering through heat and exhaustion as well! Despite all this, they showed no sign of pain or discomfort as they carried the giant metal structure upon their body.
They were encouraged by an exuberant group of followers, girls and men danced around them over megaphones. At times the carrier would break into wild dances, their body gyrating as they lunged back and forth upon their toes and spun in dizzying circles, all the while managing the kavadi that stood tall upon their body.

I saw many people with cameras, running up and down the temple, photographing the procession of believers and kavadi-carriers.

 When the sun was at the height of its splendor, I decided to make a move. However, there was a stall by the roadside stole my attention from all the rest! It was a small Henna Drawing store. Without any hesitation, I got myself a pair of henna pattern drawn on both of my hands, which cost me RM8 before I went back home.
 This is by far the most fascinating festival I have ever taken part in and I look forward for the next year's Thaipusam. Besides, I think this is the best time to come and get to know the cultures and religions of different races. From experiencing it, we can grow to respect each other and be able to really work together.

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