Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 #day2

In the morning, mama prepared breakfast.
yum yum!

Lighted up a firecracker before we headed to Taiping.
It was LOUD.
and my ears drummed hyper-actively.

Lunched with mama's family.
And did lou sang.

Ate and talked and took pictures.
This is my only grandparent, my AH MA! =D

Visit. Visit. Visit.
A must-do-thing in order to collect ang paus!
that makes you a bit more richer!
or even fatter! haha!

Played with my camera and took this ugly manual shot during our journey back to Ipoh.


  1. nice breakfast prepared by me :)
    hope it's nice..nobody said anything.
    Is it nice? But from the way all of you ate, I guess it's yummy!
    Yes, that's my mum..the only one!
    happy CNY!

  2. Your grandmother must be very happy to take a photo with you. I like your food photos - very clear and delicious looking.


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