Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Just Have To Post On The Last Day of 2013

Hi guys!
Yes, it's the New Year's Eve!
Everyone is out for celebrations while the inactive me facing my laptop cracking my head for some ideas to execute a blog post.

And the big bro WhatsApp me.

hmmm.. what to blog ah?

Let's start with Form 6.

1. Attending the all-boys school, SMI.

A place with minimal number of girls. Honestly, I am very shy. I take time to be warm with people that I merely know. I couldn't randomly strike up a conversation to befriend with people, especially to the opposite sex. And I know this is not a good thing.
For the past few years, the males that are in close proximity with me are non other than my papa and brothers, and maybe my school male teachers. hahaha.
And these are some awkward moments that I encountered in SMI :
- A guy came up to me. As usual - introduction first, followed by handshake.
- They called me by my name when I pass by their class

2. I offended guys for the first time.

okie. me is going out!
 Enjoy the last moment of the year 2013!
To be continued!

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