Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hello guys!
Talk about fashion,
I believe every women out there own many pairs and different types of shoes. 
However, sometimes women have those certain days when they do not have the mood to wear their sky high heels and would prefer for a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes. The ankle boots could be seen as the perfect choice for the ladies to wear as the flat and small height of heel will give a comfortable feeling all day long. Besides that, ankle boots has the element of edginess and tough look which can definitely let women show off their other aggressive side. The first way a woman can style a pair of ankle boots if by wearing it with a pair of skinny black jeans and jacket. This look will definitely look intimidating for the men to approach you because it gives off that rock and roll biker chic character. It cannot be denied that there are days when we just do not want to get hit by a guy and just wants to go through your day peacefully. The look will absolutely do trick for you all day long. 


The next outfit look which woman can pull off with an ankle boot is by matching them with a nice dress. The ladies who love looking edgy while maintaining that feminine personality, this look will be great to style on a day out with your best friends or a special date. It reveals a balance of your soft and upbeat personality in front of others. People will definitely feel the balance of your character in what you are wearing from head-to-toe. 

The next look is the common choice for women to style which is with a pair of denim shorts. The denim short and ankle boot outfit pairing is normally worn on your casual days during the weekend. The ankle boots gives that improved sparkle in your casual look all together. If you are wondering where to get your hands on stylish designs of ankle boots for women collection, have a look at ZALORA for ankle boots online with a wide variety of designs to choose from.

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