Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hi all. How's your weekend going so far? As for me, I'll be at home. Last week was quite hectic and tiring. Stayed back in school almost everyday as the extra curriculum has started and the Sports' Day is drawing nearer.

I'm bored. the weather is extremely hot. Not just out there, even in the house I could feel the heat too, thus giving zero thought of wasting the electricity and switch on the air-condition immediately. The 'awesome' weather makes my every-day-life so miserable, living everyday with my hands and legs so sweaty. I can't stand it anymore, seriously. I feel so helpless in my school everyday, I can't handle all paper works properly and not able to write like a normal person. The insufficient number of fans in the classroom of SMI definitly worsen everything. Back then, I have no issue with my illness as INTI has air-conditions everywhere.

Okay, I will stop my dissatisfaction / criticism / grieve / annoyance here.
More to come. LOL

And right now I have the urge to update something on my blog, which is something very backdated. It befell on the days before the intake of From 6 in SMI.
Belle, Jun, Lynn and I had Sushi Zanmai's @ Sunway Pyramid.
Here's the food that we had.

Darling mouthwatering Japanese cuisine.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

INTI and I

Hi all.
Five months ago, the yellow-colored boxes of dates on the calender have not been my interest because college/university students have their own timetable and holidays.
But now, I am back to my habit of flipping through every month of the calendar to see when will I be having my break, as a result of turning into a sixth form student.

Most of the people asked why. Why do I leave INTI. 

The place I woke up sluggishly every morning
The place where the picturesque out of my window is what I see at first sight every morning.
The place where room keys are crucial.
The place where bringing pails into the toilet is a must.
The place where I walked to class and examination hall with casual wear.
The place where I eat and play in air-conditioned classroom besides study.
The place where I spent most of the time with friends.
The place where I manage the money in my pocket.
The place where I meet all rich rich people with the most expensive cars and gadgets. lol

I know I know, enough with 'the place' right? you must be annoyed! haha!
but please allow me to write another, it's the place where I get over being camera shy..

Seriously, I never thought of leaving. Not until papa and mama initiate me to do Form six. The almighty money is the fundamental cause as both my sisters are studying abroad. So I opted Form Six to lessen my papa's burden. Good girl huh? haha

I have no issue regarding everything about Form Six except one thing, Pengajian Am the BM subject. I never liked BM. The day before Form Six start, the silly me actually dug every corner to retrieve all my BM materials from high school. The cool thing is I managed to find some of it but not all, even though I had put them in the recycle box 5 months ago! Feeling grateful.

Well, I had a whale of a time in INTI and will never forget that I was once an INTIan.

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