Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hi all. How's your weekend going so far? As for me, I'll be at home. Last week was quite hectic and tiring. Stayed back in school almost everyday as the extra curriculum has started and the Sports' Day is drawing nearer.

I'm bored. the weather is extremely hot. Not just out there, even in the house I could feel the heat too, thus giving zero thought of wasting the electricity and switch on the air-condition immediately. The 'awesome' weather makes my every-day-life so miserable, living everyday with my hands and legs so sweaty. I can't stand it anymore, seriously. I feel so helpless in my school everyday, I can't handle all paper works properly and not able to write like a normal person. The insufficient number of fans in the classroom of SMI definitly worsen everything. Back then, I have no issue with my illness as INTI has air-conditions everywhere.

Okay, I will stop my dissatisfaction / criticism / grieve / annoyance here.
More to come. LOL

And right now I have the urge to update something on my blog, which is something very backdated. It befell on the days before the intake of From 6 in SMI.
Belle, Jun, Lynn and I had Sushi Zanmai's @ Sunway Pyramid.
Here's the food that we had.

Darling mouthwatering Japanese cuisine.


  1. scrumptious food..

    indeed the weather is so hot and unbearable.

    the classroom should be well-conditioned so that students can study comfortably.

    maybe the parents should voice out during the PTA meeting.

    anyway, enjoy your study.

    as for home, do switch on the AC. Don't worry as I will pay for the bill.

  2. Yes, the weather for the past few weeks was really hot. Just do the best that you can.

    I like to eat Japanese food too. Nice photos!


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