Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My SPM Result 2012

Received my SPM result on a gloriously clear and sunny morning after lunch. There were not much students there as I was late. Ecstatic to meet them back and chatted, even tough it was just a few minutes.
Thanks for waiting me to arrive.

School magazine of year 2012.

My SPM result of year 2012.
The printed A- infuse my contentment with an edge of despair.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Perak Chinese Physician Association Dinner

 My opportunity to eat in fancy restaurants has lessen
compared to last time since I went to Inti IU.

So this will be my first dinner in Year2013.
Attended Perak Chinese Physician Association's annual dinner!


Managed to capture some of the food only
due to the impatience of my table-mate,
picking up their chopsticks the moment the cuisine settle on the table
and the beauty of the food was destroyed the next second as I stared.
Mama and I

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Absolutely Independent

Hello! Greetings from my home, Ipoh!
Watching tv show with my favorite chocolate brand - Lindt in my hand.

You must be wondering what do I mean by absolutely independent.
Before your curiosity grows, let me tell you something significant,

I came back all the way from Inti, Nilai to Ipoh all by myself with public transport!

Haha. Maybe it's a child's play for you,
but it's a no-no for me, for my first time.
So please forgive the novice me
that I have to jot this down in my little Simple Life to remember The Day(15.03.13).

Okay, thinking about it makes me laugh.
I'm independent for only 6 hours
which I have spent in Inti bus stop, Nilai KTM station, KL Central, the bus and the train I sat.
I have not posted picture of my room yet, right?
So, here you go!
My room before I left for my 1 week mid-term break
(Assignment week + receiving SPM result week).

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My weekend in INTI IU

Here I am, lying on my bed with the iPad in my hand,
updating Simple Life after weeks of silence and watching over a bee-like-insect,
whom trying to penetrate into my mosquito netting.
Please leave me alone, doink. I hate insects!

Basically, I stayed in my room the whole day besides going to the toilet and to refill my water bottle.
This certainly is not a healthy life style, I guess. 

However, being alone in the room gives me the urge to study.
But my mind is consumed by the absence of food all the time,
thus making the quality of my work suffered.

I think I must cut down the hours I spent on social networking. 
Ah, not think, it's a MUST!
Starts from tomorrow. 

The thought of not doing well in my A-level hurts me. And scared me.
Now, let's marvel at what I did or what I had for the pass few days. =)

I played badminton, sweat welled up like a kitchen tap.
Felt extremely good!!

Went to Giant by Inti bus. 
Had Nando's Chicken Wrap + coleslaw.  

Fried dry wan tan in Inti's Bakery.

MCD time.
Indulged in chicken burger+french fries.
Took this picture from friend. Me is the one in pink! =)

Oh yes! Thinking of a best buy with this RM250 book voucher in my hand.
Till my next post. Have a great day.
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