Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Absolutely Independent

Hello! Greetings from my home, Ipoh!
Watching tv show with my favorite chocolate brand - Lindt in my hand.

You must be wondering what do I mean by absolutely independent.
Before your curiosity grows, let me tell you something significant,

I came back all the way from Inti, Nilai to Ipoh all by myself with public transport!

Haha. Maybe it's a child's play for you,
but it's a no-no for me, for my first time.
So please forgive the novice me
that I have to jot this down in my little Simple Life to remember The Day(15.03.13).

Okay, thinking about it makes me laugh.
I'm independent for only 6 hours
which I have spent in Inti bus stop, Nilai KTM station, KL Central, the bus and the train I sat.
I have not posted picture of my room yet, right?
So, here you go!
My room before I left for my 1 week mid-term break
(Assignment week + receiving SPM result week).


  1. there's always a first time to everything..well done, you have made it!

  2. It is really a milestone in your life - to be travelling alone long distance. Shows that you have grown up. :)

    Very nice room. It is even nicer that you have the room all to yourself.


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