Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My 20th Birthday

Jenn has finally lived for 20 years. I remember the good old days when birthday celebration was a hit and throwing birthday parties would be every child's dream comes true. And thinking what birthday cakes and presents you will get makes you more excited about it.
But as I grow older, it doesn't really matter to me anymore. My birthday is just an ordinary day to me. Though I still get cakes, presents and wishes which I appreciate a lot and a lottt.
Well, how was my day this year?
Mama sent me to bus station after a small birthday celebration when the clock strikes twelve. Set my butt on a bus seat for 3.5 hrs and a flight seat for 4 hrs before meeting worm. Left my red rose in the restaurant I'm so forgetful. Went to HK's tallest building. Sky48 instead of sky100. Tsim sha tsui. Temple street. Mong kok. Yau ma tei. Back to tuen mun with worm to blow my cute cream cheese cake although it's already pass twelve. Thankyou worm. ❤
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