Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Precious Hamsters

One... two... three... 
My excitement accelerates for every added number.
They are tiny in size and are in blood-red colour.

Do you know what am I counting?
It's Hammie and Sammie's babies! 

If you are wondering who's the papa and mama,
well, here they are!
Hammie the papa & Sammie the mama.
Hammie is the brownish one.

 last but not least, the Babies!
Initially there are 6 babies.
However, 1 gone and now left 5.
3 black, 2 brown.
In the brief span of 15 days, they are all developed.
Eat, run, climb or even fight!
Cute right?


Here are more cute pictures of them.
Enjoy! =)

2 black & 1 brown baby hamster - male.
1 black & 1 brown baby hamster- female

Hammie is reaching up for food. His favorite.

I can't express my pleasure with a string of four-five and-six words.
Their presence made my family and I joyous beyond words.

Camera Critters

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Finally I had this incredible opportunity to taste cordyceps
although my papa had been selling it for years.

It was quite tasteless but it had a little bit of sweetness in it.

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