Monday, November 14, 2011

My villa

Once we reached the entrance at the Palm Tree Resort,
we were greeted by some quite good-looking and
tall spring bean of some bellboys.
To my surprise,
They opened the car door for us as if we're VIP,
taking our luggage to the luxurious lobby!
They are so friendly and always equip with a smile
that threatened to split their faces into two!

After all this awkward moment had passed,
we went to the reception to check in.

Then, we sat a buggy to our villa.
It was fun!

The villa was spacious.  
And this is my bed for 2 nights! =)


  1. nice! "good-looking and
    tall spring bean of some bellboys." I like this statement. lol!

  2. Great! Eh its stated clearly the kingsize bed only for the King lolz.

  3. How much u booked last year? i've booked the offer in


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