Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smiley Beach @ Sepang Gold Coast Palm Tree Resort

Smiley Beach!
A very nice place to spend your evenings! =)

The pushing-pulling waves are so serene and
when I breath in, eyes closed,
Such a glorious fragrance!

There are many activities which can be enjoyed there.
River cruise, bicycling tour, badminton and many many more.

My heart drummed hyperactively during my badminton play
because I did not exercise for quite some time.

I know I'm not living in a healthy lifestyle.

Besides, the sand are so so so...
fine and soft!

I did not try kayaking because no one wanted to accompany me.
My sister kept scrambling for excuses to not to kayak too.
Had no idea why they are not interested in it.

This is the first time I played kites and
I furtively enjoyed!

Playing kites required a lot of stamina as you need to run and run to make the kites fly high.
During the play, the magnet of embarrassment sucked every drop of blood in my veins to my cheeks
and burned like a bonfire because I ran like an insane girl!
Then, I breath a loud mix of bluster and buffalo wings!

The evening fell and the sun crept down.
We took photographs and enjoyed the panoramic view.

At the end of the day, our shirt smelt of rust!
And I had no idea why.

Then, we went back to our villa.
Bathed, refreshed and prepared to go for dinner!


  1. Beautiful.. really like Gold Coast? :)

  2. What wonderful photos, Jenn! I do love the beach! Such a breathtaking sunset and such a beautiful way to end a day! I hope you have a fun weekend!



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