Monday, January 28, 2013

My First Thaipusam

On the 27th of January 2013, I managed to witness this happening yet incredible event here in my hometown in Ipoh! What event it is? It's Thaipusam - the divine Hindu celebration!
When I was on my way to the Ipoh town, I saw pilgrims carrying heavy Kavadis, walking along the street on their way to the temple. After parking the car, I walked to the temple. Small stores were set up and many devotees offer free drinks (milk tea, white coffee, water etc) and food along the road.
The large crowds in the temple were overwhelming. All the Kavadis came back to the temple one at a time after parading the town. Drums were pounding, whistles blowing, men and women cheering, singing and chanting prayers while tourists whispered to one another in awe. The sheer size and weight of the kavadis made the scene impressive enough, but that is not the only hardship the carrier would endure that day. They were suffering through heat and exhaustion as well! Despite all this, they showed no sign of pain or discomfort as they carried the giant metal structure upon their body.
They were encouraged by an exuberant group of followers, girls and men danced around them over megaphones. At times the carrier would break into wild dances, their body gyrating as they lunged back and forth upon their toes and spun in dizzying circles, all the while managing the kavadi that stood tall upon their body.

I saw many people with cameras, running up and down the temple, photographing the procession of believers and kavadi-carriers.

 When the sun was at the height of its splendor, I decided to make a move. However, there was a stall by the roadside stole my attention from all the rest! It was a small Henna Drawing store. Without any hesitation, I got myself a pair of henna pattern drawn on both of my hands, which cost me RM8 before I went back home.
 This is by far the most fascinating festival I have ever taken part in and I look forward for the next year's Thaipusam. Besides, I think this is the best time to come and get to know the cultures and religions of different races. From experiencing it, we can grow to respect each other and be able to really work together.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 19 in INTI IU

Classes as usual.
And today is my very first time handing a Chemistry experiment all by my own.
It's a simple one - titration.
I think I did well.
Enjoyed doing it alone! haha! =D

Had lunch in INTI cafeteria.
RM5.00 Teppanyaki Fish Fillet Rice - very oily.

Dinner in Auntie Jenny's.
RM5.90 Lemon Chicken Rice.

It's so boring to be in the room.
Therefore I went out with friends!
I went to sports hall, and people were paying dodgeball!
I watched.
Then joined in to play a match.
I played something new today!

Lab report ah! lab report!
I have Biology, Chemistry and Physics lab report!
Done with bio and chemistry.
Left Physics! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 15 in INTI IU

Until today, I have not send the letters.
I will bring the letters home, then only send.
Here I have no idea how, they say go to MPH but the MPH neither no people or close!


My breakfast:
Fitline, milo+oat and RM2.50 waffle.

I had physics and biology laboratory session today!
It's FUN!

For physics, we did experiment in pairs.
but individually for biology.
Unlike high school, we did in big groups,
so sometimes I don't get to do the experiment by myself.
so, I super like it here la!
I have my own microscope and prepare my own slices! =D

Here's a picture of us wearing the lab coat!
First time leh! cool or not?
Photo: My fellow scientists ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Next, we went to cafeteria to have lunch at 2pm+.
I just had a RM1.00 fruit.

Went back to room and came out again for dinner at 7pm in the dinning hall.
Bought Twiggies RM1.40 from INTI Mart.
Had RM4.90 chicken kebab!
Scrumptious! but not enough for a big eater like me!

We went walk walk after dinner.
back to my room around 8.30pm.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 13 in INTI IU

My class starts at 10am and ended at 11.10am today.
So after that, I went to Tesco with my classmates. There were 6 of us.
We went by Jessmie's car!

Had lunch in Noodle Station Restaurant.
And I ordered Springy Noodle Fish Fillet.
It cost me RM10.90 + RM1.10 service tax. Total = RM12
haha, I know it's quite expensive!
But forgive me la mama, because we eat outside.

A small accident happened when Jessmie was reversing her car
and there was also a car reversing from behind at the same time!
Luckily, just a small-dot-scratch appeared!

Then we went back to Inti.
Class started at 2pm until 6pm.
Phone keep vibrating and luckily the volume is low!
I'm sure you know why lo, mama!

My key's new look!
I removed the ugly room-number-tag-keychain!

In the evening after class, Shu Ping and I went out of the campus again to have dinner.
Ordered Hokien Wan Tan Mee which cost me RM5.

Next, we went to the dining hall which located below the sports hall.
And we bought drinks.

This is my Green Apple drink.
An artificial drink -
I don't like it, so I will not buy again.
Paid RM3.90 for this noob drink.

Back in my room, I did my mathematics homework and started blogging.
And there's one disgusting beetle flying here and there,
stopped by on my table.

What I did?
I took my maths papers to cover it immediately and exerted a little bit of pressure so that it 'byebye'.
And it secreted out some greenish-yellowish liquid.
haha! Brave or not?

Spent a total of RM20.90 today.
sorry ah, I can't resist food today because I have been starving for the past 3 days!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 11 in INTI IU

Early in the morning, I woke up to the sound of the rain.
Watched the raindrops hit the pane, tapping out an erratic rhythm.

I tidied up things in my room and now it looks more comfortable.
I washed some clothes, but not all,
because I don't have enough hangers!
Then I did some revision.

Food of the day -
Fitline, oat krunch, milo, digestives and honey roasted cashew nuts.

No sunlight!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 10 in INTI IU

It's Saturday, mama!
And you will be busy in the shop!
What did you cook for lunch?

I woke up at 9.30am today.
Drank Fitline and oats with milo.
Most of the people I know went back to their home town because we have no class until Tuesday.
Me, on the other hand, will be facing the four walls of my room like a prisoner.

In the afternoon around 12pm,
I visited Shu Ping's room which is a twin-sharing room equipped with air-conditioner.
Then we went out of the campus to have lunch. I found that it's cheaper to eat outside.
It only cost me RM4.30 for a plate of rice+vege+others.

I wasted a lot of time exploring or you would say playing with the laptop.
Homework left unaccomplished. Notes left unread. And I have 4 thick books waiting for me!

What's my dinner?
A packet of honey roasted cashew nuts and a cup of milo+biscuits.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blind-folded Game

Everyone is blind-folded excluding the one who is going to give instructions and directions
for each and everyone of us to form 5 different shapes,
one at a time and in a limited time.
Inti's logo was one of  the shape!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Books from Inti Nilai's Library

In high school, we have SBPT text books to be used which is free
and all we have to do is that to return them at the end of the year.
Therefore, I didn't borrow books from the school library even once.

But in university,
no free text books is provided.
Even the washing machine needs money, too.
So this is my first time borrowing books from the library.
I spent almost 1 hour 30 minutes just to find the right one.

To buy a textbook costs RM100+.
I would rather photostat everything.

The library is very big and cold.
Feeling awkward walking around with a camera,
so I did not take any pictures the library.

So far I went 2 floors of the library, but uncertain if there's a 3rd floor
because the stair case to the 3rd floor is blocked.

Friday, January 4, 2013

IIU OLE 2013

We were put into groups.
And I'm supposed to be in Group no. 6.
But guess what? I went into the wrong group that is Group no. 7.
Aiyaya, who cares? haha!

We named our group Wolverine according to the theme - Hero.

The whole OLE was held in the Sports Hall
except for water games which was held by the Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Majority of my group members appointed the international student
who came from Pakistan to be our group leader.
Here's a picture of him.
His name is Waleed.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inti International University OLE 2013

OLE, stands for,
Observe a new environment
Learn a new culture and
Express yourself!

This Orientation Program has enable me to make friends with many people
from different places and courses!
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