Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 15 in INTI IU

Until today, I have not send the letters.
I will bring the letters home, then only send.
Here I have no idea how, they say go to MPH but the MPH neither no people or close!


My breakfast:
Fitline, milo+oat and RM2.50 waffle.

I had physics and biology laboratory session today!
It's FUN!

For physics, we did experiment in pairs.
but individually for biology.
Unlike high school, we did in big groups,
so sometimes I don't get to do the experiment by myself.
so, I super like it here la!
I have my own microscope and prepare my own slices! =D

Here's a picture of us wearing the lab coat!
First time leh! cool or not?
Photo: My fellow scientists ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Next, we went to cafeteria to have lunch at 2pm+.
I just had a RM1.00 fruit.

Went back to room and came out again for dinner at 7pm in the dinning hall.
Bought Twiggies RM1.40 from INTI Mart.
Had RM4.90 chicken kebab!
Scrumptious! but not enough for a big eater like me!

We went walk walk after dinner.
back to my room around 8.30pm.


  1. wow..interesting1 I want to be in your shoes! :) enjoy your lab activities..

  2. All of you look so cool in your lab coats. Last time when I studied form 6, we do not have these cool lab coats to wear.

    1. she has to pay for the ready made coat

    2. Hhhmmm, so nowadays every item must be separately purchased - not included in the fees anymore.


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