Monday, January 7, 2013

Books from Inti Nilai's Library

In high school, we have SBPT text books to be used which is free
and all we have to do is that to return them at the end of the year.
Therefore, I didn't borrow books from the school library even once.

But in university,
no free text books is provided.
Even the washing machine needs money, too.
So this is my first time borrowing books from the library.
I spent almost 1 hour 30 minutes just to find the right one.

To buy a textbook costs RM100+.
I would rather photostat everything.

The library is very big and cold.
Feeling awkward walking around with a camera,
so I did not take any pictures the library.

So far I went 2 floors of the library, but uncertain if there's a 3rd floor
because the stair case to the 3rd floor is blocked.

1 comment:

  1. photostatting saves a lot of cost. I did that when I was in uni. Sometimes you can even photostat only those relevant pages from other related books.


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