Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 13 in INTI IU

My class starts at 10am and ended at 11.10am today.
So after that, I went to Tesco with my classmates. There were 6 of us.
We went by Jessmie's car!

Had lunch in Noodle Station Restaurant.
And I ordered Springy Noodle Fish Fillet.
It cost me RM10.90 + RM1.10 service tax. Total = RM12
haha, I know it's quite expensive!
But forgive me la mama, because we eat outside.

A small accident happened when Jessmie was reversing her car
and there was also a car reversing from behind at the same time!
Luckily, just a small-dot-scratch appeared!

Then we went back to Inti.
Class started at 2pm until 6pm.
Phone keep vibrating and luckily the volume is low!
I'm sure you know why lo, mama!

My key's new look!
I removed the ugly room-number-tag-keychain!

In the evening after class, Shu Ping and I went out of the campus again to have dinner.
Ordered Hokien Wan Tan Mee which cost me RM5.

Next, we went to the dining hall which located below the sports hall.
And we bought drinks.

This is my Green Apple drink.
An artificial drink -
I don't like it, so I will not buy again.
Paid RM3.90 for this noob drink.

Back in my room, I did my mathematics homework and started blogging.
And there's one disgusting beetle flying here and there,
stopped by on my table.

What I did?
I took my maths papers to cover it immediately and exerted a little bit of pressure so that it 'byebye'.
And it secreted out some greenish-yellowish liquid.
haha! Brave or not?

Spent a total of RM20.90 today.
sorry ah, I can't resist food today because I have been starving for the past 3 days!


  1. least you are not just confined in the campus..

    aiye, you killed the beetle! I thought you never like to kill even an insect! :)

  2. don't worry about the cost..make sure you eat well and take care of your health.

  3. I agree with your mother about not worrying about cost. Food is important when you are studying. :)

  4. make sure you keep the room tag well. they will need it back when you return the key.


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