Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 19 in INTI IU

Classes as usual.
And today is my very first time handing a Chemistry experiment all by my own.
It's a simple one - titration.
I think I did well.
Enjoyed doing it alone! haha! =D

Had lunch in INTI cafeteria.
RM5.00 Teppanyaki Fish Fillet Rice - very oily.

Dinner in Auntie Jenny's.
RM5.90 Lemon Chicken Rice.

It's so boring to be in the room.
Therefore I went out with friends!
I went to sports hall, and people were paying dodgeball!
I watched.
Then joined in to play a match.
I played something new today!

Lab report ah! lab report!
I have Biology, Chemistry and Physics lab report!
Done with bio and chemistry.
Left Physics! 


  1. good to play some least you won't feel so bored.
    nice to handle experiment on your surely love it.

    Hello sammie there and the cute snow boy..

  2. Your hamster is so cute in the photo! Good that you know how to balance studying with outdoor activities. Have a nice day!


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