Friday, February 24, 2017

Stepping into Aussie Land

I wasn't spoiled. I cleaned my room and did all the cooking during my university life. I manage my own laundry and studies. Except the fact that people tend to be lazy sometimes, grabbing whatever junk food available to fill the stomach. Uni has been okay, but it didn't turn out the way I expected. I don't how much I wanted to leave or pursue another degree, whatever it takes to leave even though my university is a well-known place. It just feels like it's not a place for me, for various reasons. I worked hard and undoubtedly time really flies. I manage to survive until semester 4 now. I am still glad that I went to university, but the thought never go away.
Knowing that it is impossible for me to transfer out of Malaysia, I then looked into another alternative which I got really excited about - the student exchange programme. I talked to lecturer, talked to my mum, write up my personal statement and submitted the form. I am so excited about it and hopefully I will be chosen. And I did, I'm going to Australia for the first time, with my supportive mum. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

First Class of My Kitchen Operation

Ever since I enrolled into my university, very often that I see Culinary or diploma students walking to school and around campus with some cool uniform and bag. And now, I have a pair of my own for my kitchen operation module! The white chef jacket with a touch of red, the clown-pants, a safety shoes that hard like steel and a set of knifes.

What I expected for this module is that it will be fun because it will be a lot of hands on cutting and cooking. So today Chef toured us around the kitchen, the making food theater or whatever I don't know what to call it, the restaurant-like classroom and many many more.

The place where our practicals will be held, it is called culinary suite 4.


Next we had demonstration from Chef on:
Image result for basil
Tto flavor soups, stews, tomato dishes, meat, game, fish, egg dishes, herb butters and herb vinegars.

2. Chervil

Image result for chervil
Leaves are used much the same way parsley is used in soups, salads, sauces and cheese and egg dishes.  It is also used as a garnish.

3. Chives 
Image result for chives

This belong to the same family as onion, garlic and leeks. It is long and thin, like the ones u see when u grow onion or garlic. Chef said it can be used for garnishing purposes or, i found it from the web that says it can be used to flavor salads, dips, soups, stews, vinegars, cheese dishes sour cream and butter. 

4. Mint 
Image result for mint
This is mint, the all time easily seen herbs that sometimes served on your plates in restaurants. Mint is often used with veal, lamb and pork dishes as well as beverages and jellies.

5. Oregano
Image result for oregano
Oregano is used in sauces, tomato dishes, pizza, Mexican dishes salads and soups.

Image result for rosemary
Use rosemary sparingly as an accent to food as the flavor can be somewhat pungent and resinous. Use with fish, pork, lamb, poultry and game. 
Image result for tarragon
Use in vinegars, oils, marinades and salads.

8. Thyme 
Image result for thyme
used in soups, stews, casseroles, stuffing and poultry dishes. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recession affects my school?

Is recession affecting my school? YES!
News about the price of library printing has increased because of GST on the first day of school itself. It didn't bother me until I went to the merchandise shop, wanting to get another pair of my kitchen operation uniform shoes because the one I bought which comes in a set from senior is way too big. The price increased from RM90.10 to RM134.40!!! How do I know the previous price? Because I went to ask about the price before my holiday. I couldn't believe it and the shopkeepers told me bla bla bla about the USD currency has increased and GST charges as well.

The thing is, GST has implemented one year ago. Why it only takes effect now?!
So I told mum about it and she says "Recession ma".

Some of my classmate bought second hand from seniors, some of them bought brand new one which cost almost a thousand and some of them got for free due to scholarships I guess. Bought mine from senior at RM380 for whole set. But if I were to buy an extra shoes for RM134.40, it means I will spend RM514.40. The knife set and the uniform is quite cute though. Studying in Taylor's everything is about money money money that make me spend my days there with constraints. Conclusion is if you are not a millionaire, don't study in Taylor's. lolol 

Monday, March 28, 2016

First Day of Semester 2 in Taylor's University

I did not wish that my sem 2 to finally begin. I did not want to have stress and all the mental fatigue strike again. Apart from all of the complications that I faced in the previous semester, I want to improve in sem 2 as to become a more confident sociable person with effective communication skills by taking parts in some events. Well, that's the reason I registered myself as a Cross-cultural Crew even though sem 2 will be hectic. Chances of being selected is not known but I will try. I hope to get more exposure from it.

Returning to my unit in DK Senza with the balcony room rented out, it means that the door of the room will be closed forever and no more sunlight to shine through the common hall. The whole unit will be in dark if the kitchen light is not switched on. So more electricity used and more on the bills as well. My toilet has to be shared with 3 other person, whom level of cleanliness is not up to par as mine so the toilet has brown stains here and there after a month of my absence. Yucks. 

There will be no tutorials and lab practicals for this first week of school. So 11am is my earliest class today. I intended to go early to make payment for fees but by the time I reach it is already around 10.45am. I decided to wait for class as I do not want to rush. And finally back home at 6pm. 

It was an exhausting day after all. Siting in cold lecture theater and spending time in library for printing and panting after walking up the library stairs. I must exercise!! and I will make it a point to exercise tomorrow no matter how or what. I want to get back my running habits once again and I want to play badminton so badly!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Broga Hill Trekking

A place far off from the kl city that is so crowded when I was there early in the morning. We finally made it there after days and days of sluggishness and won the battle against our bed. I never thought that it will be as challenging as it is. I've totally forgotten the desperate yet exciting moment back then in the jungle when I participated Raleigh camp. As we walked further, the broga hill became steeper - like a 45 degree kiddy slide. Dramatic falling scenes flashed into my mind when I turned my back to look down. At one moment I was hesitant and uncertain, my sweaty palms and legs on the dry sandy ground of the hill, afraid that my legs will just slide down backwards if I ever climb one step further. I paused for almost a minute, then the lady behind me gave me words of encouragement and gave my leg a little push for me to climb up. I felt warm and grateful. She was a Malay lady though heheh. Nevertheless, the worm gave me a hand too. The sense of accomplishment is happiness when we arrived at peak 1. People stood up on big rocks with both thumbs up as though they are on top of the world, Some were relaxing while we took panorama our ourselves. 
It's all worth for a new adventurous experience.

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