Friday, April 1, 2016

First Class of My Kitchen Operation

Ever since I enrolled into my university, very often that I see Culinary or diploma students walking to school and around campus with some cool uniform and bag. And now, I have a pair of my own for my kitchen operation module! The white chef jacket with a touch of red, the clown-pants, a safety shoes that hard like steel and a set of knifes.

What I expected for this module is that it will be fun because it will be a lot of hands on cutting and cooking. So today Chef toured us around the kitchen, the making food theater or whatever I don't know what to call it, the restaurant-like classroom and many many more.

The place where our practicals will be held, it is called culinary suite 4.


Next we had demonstration from Chef on:
Image result for basil
Tto flavor soups, stews, tomato dishes, meat, game, fish, egg dishes, herb butters and herb vinegars.

2. Chervil

Image result for chervil
Leaves are used much the same way parsley is used in soups, salads, sauces and cheese and egg dishes.  It is also used as a garnish.

3. Chives 
Image result for chives

This belong to the same family as onion, garlic and leeks. It is long and thin, like the ones u see when u grow onion or garlic. Chef said it can be used for garnishing purposes or, i found it from the web that says it can be used to flavor salads, dips, soups, stews, vinegars, cheese dishes sour cream and butter. 

4. Mint 
Image result for mint
This is mint, the all time easily seen herbs that sometimes served on your plates in restaurants. Mint is often used with veal, lamb and pork dishes as well as beverages and jellies.

5. Oregano
Image result for oregano
Oregano is used in sauces, tomato dishes, pizza, Mexican dishes salads and soups.

Image result for rosemary
Use rosemary sparingly as an accent to food as the flavor can be somewhat pungent and resinous. Use with fish, pork, lamb, poultry and game. 
Image result for tarragon
Use in vinegars, oils, marinades and salads.

8. Thyme 
Image result for thyme
used in soups, stews, casseroles, stuffing and poultry dishes. 


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