Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recession affects my school?

Is recession affecting my school? YES!
News about the price of library printing has increased because of GST on the first day of school itself. It didn't bother me until I went to the merchandise shop, wanting to get another pair of my kitchen operation uniform shoes because the one I bought which comes in a set from senior is way too big. The price increased from RM90.10 to RM134.40!!! How do I know the previous price? Because I went to ask about the price before my holiday. I couldn't believe it and the shopkeepers told me bla bla bla about the USD currency has increased and GST charges as well.

The thing is, GST has implemented one year ago. Why it only takes effect now?!
So I told mum about it and she says "Recession ma".

Some of my classmate bought second hand from seniors, some of them bought brand new one which cost almost a thousand and some of them got for free due to scholarships I guess. Bought mine from senior at RM380 for whole set. But if I were to buy an extra shoes for RM134.40, it means I will spend RM514.40. The knife set and the uniform is quite cute though. Studying in Taylor's everything is about money money money that make me spend my days there with constraints. Conclusion is if you are not a millionaire, don't study in Taylor's. lolol 

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