Monday, March 28, 2016

First Day of Semester 2 in Taylor's University

I did not wish that my sem 2 to finally begin. I did not want to have stress and all the mental fatigue strike again. Apart from all of the complications that I faced in the previous semester, I want to improve in sem 2 as to become a more confident sociable person with effective communication skills by taking parts in some events. Well, that's the reason I registered myself as a Cross-cultural Crew even though sem 2 will be hectic. Chances of being selected is not known but I will try. I hope to get more exposure from it.

Returning to my unit in DK Senza with the balcony room rented out, it means that the door of the room will be closed forever and no more sunlight to shine through the common hall. The whole unit will be in dark if the kitchen light is not switched on. So more electricity used and more on the bills as well. My toilet has to be shared with 3 other person, whom level of cleanliness is not up to par as mine so the toilet has brown stains here and there after a month of my absence. Yucks. 

There will be no tutorials and lab practicals for this first week of school. So 11am is my earliest class today. I intended to go early to make payment for fees but by the time I reach it is already around 10.45am. I decided to wait for class as I do not want to rush. And finally back home at 6pm. 

It was an exhausting day after all. Siting in cold lecture theater and spending time in library for printing and panting after walking up the library stairs. I must exercise!! and I will make it a point to exercise tomorrow no matter how or what. I want to get back my running habits once again and I want to play badminton so badly!

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