Saturday, January 30, 2016

Broga Hill Trekking

A place far off from the kl city that is so crowded when I was there early in the morning. We finally made it there after days and days of sluggishness and won the battle against our bed. I never thought that it will be as challenging as it is. I've totally forgotten the desperate yet exciting moment back then in the jungle when I participated Raleigh camp. As we walked further, the broga hill became steeper - like a 45 degree kiddy slide. Dramatic falling scenes flashed into my mind when I turned my back to look down. At one moment I was hesitant and uncertain, my sweaty palms and legs on the dry sandy ground of the hill, afraid that my legs will just slide down backwards if I ever climb one step further. I paused for almost a minute, then the lady behind me gave me words of encouragement and gave my leg a little push for me to climb up. I felt warm and grateful. She was a Malay lady though heheh. Nevertheless, the worm gave me a hand too. The sense of accomplishment is happiness when we arrived at peak 1. People stood up on big rocks with both thumbs up as though they are on top of the world, Some were relaxing while we took panorama our ourselves. 
It's all worth for a new adventurous experience.

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