Friday, February 24, 2017

Stepping into Aussie Land

I wasn't spoiled. I cleaned my room and did all the cooking during my university life. I manage my own laundry and studies. Except the fact that people tend to be lazy sometimes, grabbing whatever junk food available to fill the stomach. Uni has been okay, but it didn't turn out the way I expected. I don't how much I wanted to leave or pursue another degree, whatever it takes to leave even though my university is a well-known place. It just feels like it's not a place for me, for various reasons. I worked hard and undoubtedly time really flies. I manage to survive until semester 4 now. I am still glad that I went to university, but the thought never go away.
Knowing that it is impossible for me to transfer out of Malaysia, I then looked into another alternative which I got really excited about - the student exchange programme. I talked to lecturer, talked to my mum, write up my personal statement and submitted the form. I am so excited about it and hopefully I will be chosen. And I did, I'm going to Australia for the first time, with my supportive mum. 

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