Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year Eve 2013

Hi everybody!
I'm back from Inti International University, Nilai to celebrate the once-a-year Chinese New Year with my family in Ipoh!
Well, not exactly family because both my sisters are not here in Malaysia!
but never mind, haha!


Here's my home-cooked reunion lunch prepared by my mama!

Besides, I cleaned all my hamsters' cages.
4 cages, to be exact.

And bathed my Teddybaby, the only dog in my house right now.
May May is hospitalized and taken care by a veterinarian.
She is not so well as she is getting older. 


  1. Indeed we are full of responsibilities..
    Happy new year!
    May you have great life in Inti and learn well for your studies!
    Also good health throughout the year!
    Always be happy and don't be moody!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year!
    Your hamsters must be very happy to see you!


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