Thursday, April 11, 2013

Qing Ming Festival @ Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple Ipoh

Qing Ming Festival is when Chinese people visit the graves or burial grounds of their ancestors.
But instead, my family and I visit Sam Poh Tong, a temple located in Ipoh, where my grandparents' ashes were placed.

Sam Poh Tong is Ipoh's most recognizable cave temple,
nestled between the limestone hills of Gunung Rapat quite near Jalan Gopeng road.
Its name means 'Cave of Triple Gems', in reference to a core Buddhist meditation technique.

My papa, mama brother and I arrive here early in the morning.
The sun has not rise, senior citizen gets ready to make some money.

A tiled bridge built purely for aesthetic purposes leads to the cave temple and garden from the entrance.
In the middle of the picture, you can merely see an ancient gate right?
It's engraved with traditional Chinese arches and dragon motifs.
And that's the entrance into Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple. =)

This blue building is where the ashes are kept.
Usually, the whole place will be very smoky on Qing Ming Festival.
We escaped it because we went there before the actual day.
 If not, my eyes will be burning and hands will be sweating like water pipe!

Papa buys vegetarian food that my grandparents love and offer some tea, wine and flowers.

Mama says that we 'invite' the 'neighbors' by burning the joss sticks
and place them in every rectangle-shaped compartment.

Then, we head over to the area called - Burning For The Dead Only.
Traditionally, people  'send' things to their ancestors by burning.

Well, I think that's all. It's not a very detailed post about my Qing Ming Festival.
But if you are interested, you can visit 's Qing Ming Festival,
which is quite similar to mine! =)


  1. luckily we went earlier this year..otherwise we would be trapped in the smokey-place..

  2. Oh, so the blue building is the columbarium. Good to go earlier to beat the crowd.


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