Monday, April 15, 2013

My Trip to Seremban from INTI IU

I always enjoy going to people's house.
So when my classmate, Ooi Syuen invited me to go back to Seremban with her,
I did not hesitate and the word, "Yes!" slipped off my mouth.
I'm so ebullient to finally get to visit and overnight at a friend's place.
My last slept over at friend's place was during my primary school.
That was like donkey's years ago? hahaha!

The next day before we headed back to INTI, her mama brought us to Restoran Yi Poh.
 And this is what I had. YUMMY!

Aunty Ooi bought me some other food too!

So far, I went there twice already.
Thank you for your warm welcome,
and not forgetting the home-cooked food by Aunty Ooi,
simple yet delicious.

Thank you!


  1. so nice of your friend and her mum..

  2. Your classmate is such a good friend to you for inviting you to stay overnight at her house.


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