Friday, January 10, 2014

Experiences with the Dentist

Squatting down outside the house compound, waiting for the intermittent cool breeze to brush my face.
The rain has stopped.

Doctor. Dentist. What else? Those that provide professional treatment to their patient. Well, I never liked them even though I myself is a science stream student. I hate swallowing those large-in-size medicine like panadol. The thought of it getting stuck in the throat is horrifying. Despite all this, I mustered up my courage when I decided to seek orthodontic treatment. Well, I'm the third person in the family that have gone through the fun experience after my brother and sister.

Combination of pink and orange!
Written by my mama :
My little girl had a fantastic experience with the dentist.

Her two permanent front teeth had grown out but the two milk teeth were still attached. Worried that the new teeth would be slanted in, I took her to the dentist.

Havoc at the clinic when it was her turn to be attended to. The nurse and I had to grab hold of her but WOW, both of us were being pushed off. How powerful she was! Now, she is as powerful as ever. She can push anyone away with all her might.

Well, the dentist, the nurse and I gave up. I took my girl back home and asked her to pull out those teeth herself.

I didn't bother about that until one day, she showed me her teeth. Guess what!

Her two milk teeth was stucked in the piece of bread that she wanted to eat.

The passage above showed how much fear I have towards them. Hahah!
And here's another passage about how the braces was started.
Written by my mama on Dec 29, 2011 :
My girl has protruded front teeth and she was very conscious of the condition. So I had no choice but to bring her to see my dentist. On the first visit, the dentist checked her teeth. I was asked to take her for an x-ray. After that, the dentist analysed the x-ray and suggested that braces should be very suitable for her.

It has been 5 months already and this is how her teeth look like as now. Initially, she has difficulty in chewing and biting. After a week or so, she got used to it already.

The treatment is done every month whereby the dentist has to monitor her condition. She got to experience different colors of elastics which are being used on her braces.

It will take about 2 years or so to finish the treatment. But it's not cheap too..

Yea, it's not cheap too. RM4570 and 4 of my precious healthy tooth have to be extracted.
It took exactly almost 2 years, mid of July 2011(put on braces) - mid of July 2013(take off braces).
Honestly, my self-confidence has boosted up a little bit because of braces.
Thankyou my mama for the support!


  1. Thank you my girl. You are most welcome!

  2. ahahahah jenn throwing tantrums. I wanna see :P


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