Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hello everybody!
In case you don't know, I had 3 dogs!
Maymay. Dhurcy. Teddybaby.

This is Teddybaby!
Cute or not? ^^
Teddybaby was brought home by my sister from a vet 4 years ago when he was a baby..
He is born handicapped.
He walks with his 2 front legs and drags the other 2 hind legs.

Despite all this, he is still energetic like all the other normal dogs.
He makes bear bear sound when he plays.
Bite clothes when he sees one hanging down that he can reaches.
Runs to you when you are back home.
Splashes water at you with his strong and vigorous tail.
and many many more lah!

But there's one thing he can't do.
It's is the jump-and-catch-the-food!

He's the only one to guard the house now
after my little Dhurcy passed away and my Maymay has hearing problem.

With his alertness, my house is always safe!
Never try to enter my house,
or else you'll be sent to the dusty death!
haha! =)

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