Friday, December 28, 2012

My Hamster Family

 Hammie, Sammie, Immble, Kimble, Nibble, Pibble, Yebble.
All my 7 little hamsters.
Delightful and frolicsome.

You always woke up to the voice of mine, standing up on two legs to see where am I.
Hearing to click sound of the cage and you knew you will be carried.

Such a flurry ball of a fuzz.
So tiny and sweet.
You kicked my hand with the sharp end of your nails.
Struggled to wake up whenever I turn you turtle.
Sometimes you even bit me with your little tiny gold and yellow rabbit teeth.
Snapped my finger on your nose and you knew you were wrong.

I loved bringing you walk walk around in the house but naughty you always were.
Jumped off from my hand and there you go on the floor with a 'pap' sound,
and all I hope is that your little bone was strong enough.

You fall asleep on my hand at times.
So stiff my hand like a rock,
for fear that you will wake up,
and that invaluable moment ended.

I always loved to watch all of you,
Running in the wheel as if it were a race.

Nuts and Fruits.
Wait! Not just that,
You even loved steel!

Introducing all my 7 hamsters:

He is Hammie, the papa.

She is Sammie, the mama.

She is baby Immble.

She is baby Kimble.

He is baby Nibble.

He is baby Pibble.

He is baby Yebble.

You always make me smile.
And that alone,
Makes it worthwhile.

This is a special friendship,
For it lasts a lifetime,
Until away you slip,
Into a final dream.


  1. Your baby hamsters are all so cute. Will you be taking them all to college?

  2. they are all precious but the papa has passed away recently..


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