Friday, June 6, 2014

Dissection Day

What was my first thought on this?
"Wow, finally!"
I think it's pretty cool to get to dissect something, even though it's just a small tiny animal.
And i know i will never get to dissect a real specimen for real purposes as in a real, serious operation due to some reasons. probably only those who know me knows the reason why.
Automatically, I erased the thought of being a medical student in the future and not interested too.
Well, at least i don't have to slog through the five-year year programme.

What was my second thought?
I wonder how am I going to go through this.
Yes! Do it without gloves. That's the way.
I'm the only one not wearing gloves.
And I get question like "Jenn, why didn't u wear the gloves?"
I tried but can't.

The sun was giving all of his to us that day, very very sunny and hot.
Collected the rats and went to school.

All fainted..

and we started.

Some say they first discovered their life's passion standing over a dissected frog in a middle or high school biology class. Some say it's gruesome and cruel of us dissecting the poor innocent animal.
Students see, touch, and explore the various organs in the body.
Understanding the body and the wider world.
It is a valued educational tool thanks to its hands-on nature.
I do enjoy it. it's so raw.hahah

And we students see and feel these organ systems for ourselves,
we will take more out of the lesson than if teacher just lectures or assigns readings about it.
Some teachers express the hope that by learning about our own bodies through dissection,
we will come to respect how our bodies work.


  1. It's pretty interesting, right?


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